March 20, 2012

Going to Kodo

Tonight my boyfriend and I are going to see Kodo at the theatre. We've already seen shows of Yamato and Tenko, so I'm very curious about this show.

You've already seen my outfiton one of my dummy, but I've actually never worn this kimono. But instead of the big red shibori obiage, I've picked a pale pink with bits of shibori (a gift from Misuchi). And, just as used on the dummy, a black obi age used as a date eri (tips about putting a date eri between a juban an kimono collar are most welcome ^_^).

I'll let you know about the show ^_^


Misuchi said...

You look great!
Have fun tonight, I know you will ^_^

Sekhet said...

Nice touch with that black "han-eri"
: )

Kyuukaryuko said...

Thank you both!
Yes, it was a wonderful show. They played a piece which sounded like a little bit of rain that turned into heavy heavy rain, and the big taiko.... I love the way you can feel that big taiko in/through your body.

Saiya-chan said...

I love this set, very classy! I also love the idea of using a obiage and a date-eri. I hope you two had fun (*^.^*)/