December 27, 2007

Wool wintery komon

The last kimono from the package is this wool kimono, which was one of the wool-sale on Ryu's sale. This hanhaba obi is the first hanhaba I've bought. I also got another one with a kikko-pattern, but it didn't match as good as this one.

Because it's my first hanhaba obi, it was also the first time I tied a clamshell musubi, which isn't difficult. But I must confess that I tied it the easy way, on my belly and then turned it around, hence a not so good kitsuke.

One thing I really need to learn is to tie my musubi on my back :)

December 25, 2007

Black-pink komon

This is the second kimono from the package I got a couple of days ago.
It's a black and pink komon, a black base with tiny pink flowers. The obi I bought to go with this komon is a black nagoya obi with one big rose and two smaller roses for the front of the obi. It turned out to be a perfect combination!

The only thing I figured out is that I have to buy a pink obijime/obiage set (but I already knew that) and a juban with longer sleeves.

Peacock Houmongi

2 weeks ago finally my package with new kimono arrived, and unpacking your package is always fun :-)
Pardon the kitsuke, but here are pictures of the peacock houmongi with the peacock obi. A perfect combination!

December 11, 2007

New resolutions

As it's almost the holidays, let make a newyear's resolution.
I've already translated posts I made on another blog and posted these on this blog, so now my new resolution will be....
To make a nice layout for this blog!

October 31, 2007

Attempt number 2

After putting on my new kimono, of course I had to ask for feedback from other kimono-lovers. Was my kitsuke good, or what are things that could improve....?
They gave me some tips and tricks, and the result you can see in the pictures .

Just to be sure, 'cause people who don't know a thing about kimono might will think that there's no difference in these pictures and the ones I posted earlier..., the obi musubi, or obi knot, is better, the green scarf (obiage) on top of the obi is more visile and the collar is better.

But still there's much to learn...

July 21, 2007

Me in furisode

Me in what?
Furisode. That is a kimono, officially for a young, unmarried woman. Gosh, and I am both :-)

Today I went to Amsterdam, to someone I got to know a couple of weeks ago. She's got a lot of kimono, and no, a kimono is not a bathrobe, and she dressed me in my very own furisode. Exactly, this furisode is mine! A while ago I bought it on eBay in Japan, together with the obi, and a few more accessoires. The only thing I didn't have and that I did need was an underkimono, or (naga)juban , a datejime ( a sort of belt that goes over the underkimono en that smoothes out your waist) and zori, kimono-slippers. But, and my gratitude is everlasting!, the underkimono I got from my friend! Together with a green extra collar, or date-eri, and a tatoshi, that's a paper envelop to store kimono in.

It was the first time I wore my kimono, and I have to say that it's very comfy. It's real tight around your waist, but if you like that it's really nice. Kind of corset-like. But the result is good, isn't it?

So now all I have to do is practice a lot on kitsuke. What???
Kitsuke, dressing in kimono.