March 28, 2012

Sakura Matsuri 2012

The city of Amstelveen hosts a Sakura Matsuri every year, but unfortunately that's mostly on a weekday. Until this year! This year it was held on a Sunday, so perfect for our Kimono de Jack NL group to go ^_^.

We had a great turn-up, and at some point it looked like we were the event instead of the sakura. When we were taking pictures near a blossoming sakura-tree, even press-photographers were taking pictures!

It was a lovely day with lots of sun, the Matsuri was great and nice to see members of our group again and meet new ones. Let's hope next year the Matsuri will be held on a Saturday or Sunday again...

More pictures
Pictures from Linda


Amy said...

Anne, ik zie het nu pas, maar het patroon in je kimono me echt denken aan het patroon van vissenschubben!
Hier zie je goed wat ik bedoel;

really cool : D

Kyuukaryuko said...

Haha, ja nu zie ik wat je bedoelt! Ach ja, het blijft mijn first love wat kimono betreft ^_^

Was leuk je weer te zien!

Misuchi said...

Oh I hope it will be held on a Sunday next year too! It looks so fun, too bad I couldn't be there. You look very pretty Anne, very becoming with the blossoms.

Kyuukaryuko said...

I hope so too that in the future it will be held on Sundays. Too bad indeed that you couldn't come (I've missed you!), I think you would've brought the modern touch to our group ^_^
And thanks for the compliments!

Saiya-chan said...

Anne your furisode set was just lovely.

I also hope it's going to be on a sunday next year. And if not, we could just organize a small picnic by ourselfs (^-^)/

I hope you can be there aswell Misuchi \(*^.^*)/