March 29, 2008

Dadada-Dan Tenko!

Yesterday was the first time I went out in kimono in public! Very exciting, but luckily Misuchi went with us, so it wasn't scary at all. We went to a concert of Dadada-Dan Tenko in the theatre, and if you have the chance, go and see them!

The show was beautiful and breathtaking. Those big Japanese drums are so.... big! They have 3 really big drums, about 1 metre high, and other drums that vary from big to small, to drums that they have hanging in from of them. And the sound of the drums, especially the 3 big ones, you can just feel them when they were played! The drummers were really good and you could see they had lots of fun. They also did funny acts, like 2 drummers who played one at a time and the other trying to interrupt the first, or, after the break, you only saw 2 hands with drumsticks from under the curtain. The 2 hands played, but a few seconds later they went apart further than a set of hands from 1 person could!

And what we didn't expect at all, but silently hoped for came true: dancer and choreographer Isaya Mondori, also the creator of Dadada-Dan, came on stage with another dancer and performed 2 dances. The first time they were on stage they danced a story of a man who tried to cut a tree, but the heart of the tree was a beautiful tayu who tried to stop him. And the second time only the other dancer came on stage and did a dance with a Japanese umbrella (and I am trying hard to remember if Isaya Mondori also performed in this dance). The costumes and susohiki were gorgeous, and the musubi of the tayu was really pretty.

It was a really good show and we had lots of fun. Misuchi and I were the only one in kimono, there were very few Japanese, and I think that the few that were there were family or crewmembers. Everyone was staring at us or asking questions why we were dressed in kimono.

And we had some pictures taken with 2 members of Dadada-Dan Tenko:
This picture is with Misuchi and Mihoko Umemura.
She said how nice it was that we were in kimono (and did we do it ourselves?) and that she could not put on a kimono by herself.

And this one is with Misuchi and Katsuyoshi Kojima.

Pictures and clips you can find here (although in dutch, but it's really clear on what's what).

Misuchi, thank you for coming and for the beautiful haori! I tried it on yesterday when we got home, and it's perfect!

March 18, 2008

Kitsuke practice

Yesterday I had a day off, so I did a little kitsuke practice.

First I tried blue iro-tomesode with peacock feather-obi, because that's what I'm going to wear to the theatre next week. I used 2 towels for padding and I watched the kitsuke-dvd by Ichiroya (pressing play, pause, go to mirror, go back to tv, press play again, and so on...), which helped a lot.

Then I tried the black-pink komon with my new juban. It's a perfect match sleevewise, I'm so happy that I got it. And I also got my pink obijime and obiage.

Next time I'll use a trick Misuchi mailed me for a perfect collar, hopefully it will go well.

March 4, 2008


Finally I've found a juban with sleeves long enough for my black-pink komon!

And I've also bought some more accessoires:
2 Hakata silk datejime

an eri sugata collar, or easy collar

an obi-clip, always handy

a set of 2 eri shin, 3 koshi himo, an obi-makura, an obi-ita with straps and a kohrin-belt

and last but not least a pink obiage & obijime set to go with the same black-pink komon.