November 22, 2008

Kimono day

Today I decided to have a kimono-day. Didn't have much to do for a change, and it could be that some friends might visite to browse through some vinyl we're selling, so I thought, why not. Good opportunity to practise some kitsuke, and I wanted to see if the brown woven obi Misuchi gave me would match with my black and brown striped komon.

And it is a perfect match! As for obiage and obijime I choose my green set. It may not be the right set, but I think it looks okay. I do have a black obiage, and I thought about pairing it with a silvery-looking obijime, but green looked better. And finally a flat obijime-knot!

One thing did I found out today was that doing laundry can be done in kimono! But lets face it, that is just putting your laundy in the washer and later putting it in the drier. Nothing difficult about that, even when you're dressed in kimono ^_~

Still, I got some cold feet, so I changed my tabi for some socks and warm slippers (sorry, but I don't know the english word for pantoffels). Charming isn't it ;-)

November 18, 2008

Kimono & obi collection

Navy blue irotomesode
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Maybe a year now I'm also on Flickr, and a few weeks ago I had the idea to but my kimono and obi collection in there. Easy to see the kimono and obi I own.

Not all pictures have a decent description but I'm working on that. Always fun to do, especially when suddenly, after a few pictures done, you decide to mention if it's hitoe, awase, etc... ^_^