October 28, 2008

My first... yukata

Yep, together with the shibori set my first yukata arrived. I hope I will be wearing this a lot at home, since it can be very warm inside our house. We do have central heating, but we don't really use it. Instead we have 2 fireplaces/stoves, which gives a much nicer warmth than central heating. But because of the stoves it tends to get hotter than in an average house, a bit like summer ^_^
So I'm going to try and wear this one more often than I do with kimono.

Nice thing about the yukata is that I'm a pisces... And there are also little ones on the hanhaba obi.

October 27, 2008

Shibori at last

Finally, after 3 weeks of waiting my shibori kimono set has arrived!

Ever since I saw Sumire from the IG-forums wearing her purple shibori houmongi I wanted a shibori kimono. And now I finally have her!

This is a set I bought from Ichiroya (they have very nicely priced kimono sets!), and it contains the kimono, juban, fukuru obi, obiage and obijime. First thing I noticed wearing it, is that it feels very thick. If you'll wear it in winter you won't get cold haha!

To be honest, it's the first time since I own an obi-clip, that I didn't use it! I did my kitsuke by looking at the 'manual' that comes with the kitsuke-dvd of Ichiroya. So no obi-clip and no knot on my back, but simply a koshihimo that temporarily holds the starter-end of the obi in place. And I made the musubi on my back, so it didn't shift while turning.

I really really like this set, it's so chic and sophisticated. Very nice to wear when you're going to the theatre for example.

October 6, 2008


As promised to Rota and Misuchi, here are some pictures of our dogs in their favorite vehicle, my father-in-law's tractor. When they have the chance they jump in and guard our property...

Actually, they just doze away in the sun and sometimes they open their eyes to see if everything is allright. But what they really love is when my father-in-law has to work on our lands and they can join him. Driving is the best!

And I added one picture to show you that they can pose also... Even when they're really filthy!