January 29, 2012

Every month a kimono - January

A resolution for this year I hope to complete, is to wear a kimono at lease every month. And on one of the last days of January, I had time to do some kitsuke.

For myself the choice was made very quickly to combine my green iromuji with a bright blue nagoya obi with irisses (?) on it. Funny detail is that Misuchi has a twin obi, a black version!

My kitsuke wasn't the best, and I forgot to do some padding, but it looked okay-ish.

On my dummy I put the beautiful kimono I bought from Ume Bloom. It's a deep purple and has a lovely all over golden pattern. I combined it with a fukuro obi which has fans and other embroidery on it.

The musubi I wanted to try, is a bunko. It's from a Japanese book with all sorts of musubi, mostly for furisode.

It took me 3 times to figure out that this obi is very stiff, maybe too stiff for bunko (next time I'll try a fukura suzume). And even on the 3rd time it still wasn't good. You can't really see it proberly, but underneath the musubi it's too loose. In order to keep the end-piece of the obi in place, I had to work with 2 obiage, a bit strange...

Hope you like it!