January 27, 2008

iro-tomesode with peacock obi

Yesterday I changed the komon my dummy wore the last 2 or 3 weeks into my blue iro-tomesode because I wanted to know how it would look if I combined it with my orange peacock nagoya obi. Oh, and I had my first try at padding! Because these dummies have a very small waist, I had to use 2(!) towels to pad out the waist.

Do you think this is a good combination (colorwise, themewise, seasonwise) or do you think this combination is better?

I also wanted to dress my second dummy, but I realized that I only have 1 accessoires-set for kitsuke! So now I have to try and look for a juban (but first measure the sleeve length), obiage/obijime-set and an accessoires-set that I can order at 1 seller, to save money and shipping costs.

January 23, 2008

Dummy number 2

Today finally my second dummy arrived at her new home ^_^
Hopefully I will have enough time this weekend to do some kitsuke on her, so my first dummy might not feel so lonely haha. I want to try if my blue irotomesode matches with my orange peacockfeather obi. I'll try to post some pictures!

This new dummy I got from a friend who temporarily stalled some of her stuff at our place, and also this dummy. So when she came to get all her stuff I already said to her, if you don't use the dummy anymore I would love to have it... And here she is at last!

January 6, 2008


The last year and 4 months my boyfriend worked at a firm that also had offices in America, Isreal and Tokyo. And a few months ago one of his Japanese colleagues came to one of the offices here in Holland. So my boyfriend knew this colleague and asked him a favour. He asked him if he could take a pair of zori with him...

And here they are!

January 5, 2008

Proper kitsuke ^_^


Don't you agree that when the holidays fall in the middle of a week, and you get a few days off, the first week is a bit of a mess, and hard to get back in your normal rhythym?
O well, the first week is over, on to the second week of 2008! But now it's weekend!

My dummy is dressed in my first wool kimono, the one I posed in in front of our Chrismastree (which I'm going to clear off today or tomorrow). But then I was almost ashamed when I saw the pictures I posted them. So now some proper kitsuke on my dummy!
The hanhaba obi is tied in the clamshell musubi, very easy, but I still have to tie it while having it on my back.

Happy New Year everyone!

May all your dreams and wishes for 2008 come true.

January 3, 2008

Just testing...

Just a quick post to see it this works... I'm writing this post not online but in my Blogger widget for Mac OSX's Dashboard.

And as far as kimono... In the weekend before New Year we bought some new cupboards for our bedroom, and reorganised our bedroom, so now it looks more spacious with actually less room. And now my dummy/mannequin has a really nice spot against the wall, so if I have time this weekend I'll dress her in a nice wintery kimono with hanhaba obi.