July 31, 2009

Sweet Yuka and Ichiro

When I got home yesterday I was very surprised when I saw the mail...

There was a beautiful card of an onnagata (actor who playes female roles in theatre/kabuki plays) on top of our mail. It wasn't just beautiful, it was a gorgeous picture.

Turning it around, I saw that it was from Yuka and Ichiro from Ichiroya, one of my favorite kimono-stores!

Thank you Yuka and Ichiro!

July 19, 2009


Friday we had friends over for dinner who hadn't seen any of my kimono, so I showed them a few. That evening I didn't have time to fold them up again so when I came back from the gym this morning, I decided to do some kitsuke on my 2 dolly's.

A few weeks ago when Rota was over, she showed me a book on musubi she bought on eBay, and I got a copy of that as well.

The musubi I tried today are from that book, but I really have no clue what they are called...

(above are the examples from the book)

July 14, 2009


It took a while, but within the next few weeks hopefully my new synthetic komon kimono will arrive. It was listed on eBay, in Ryu's shop. I was also bidding on another peach colored iromuji with a little pattern in the fabric (don't know if it's iromuji then), but unfortunately I lost that one :-(

But this is the one that I did win! Like I said, it's synthetic. There is one stain on the sleeve, and I hope that I can get it out.

Because I don't want to pay shipping for just 1 kimono, I bought a pair of geta, a pair of black zori and 2 hanhaba obi that I want to combine with the kimono. Can't wait to see them in the mail ^_^