August 10, 2011

Finally Hakata!

Finally I'm the happy owner of a beautiful red & black hakata nagoya obi! It has to arrive, but I hope it will look as good as it does on Ichiroya's photo's.

It's been a little while since I bought a kimono. The last kimono I bought was from Ume Bloom's blogsale, this very pretty purple & gold komon kimono. Just found out that I didn't even made a blogpost for this kimono! I'm very ashamed of this, I will do this soon, it's so pretty.

And there was more I liked, way more than my wallet can handle! But eventually I chose an extra long black & purple yukata with a bolder pattern than I usually wear. Linda also has this yukata, and it looked so pretty on her, I hope she doesn't mind I got the same.

And to complete the order I got me a bundle of iromuji kimono. I do hope they're long enough, otherwise those will be my first project to lengthen them... But they had really nice colors (a pink iromuji is almost a necessity in your tansu I think) and fabric/patterns, and the bundle wasn't that expensive.

Let's hope this all will arrive very soon :-D