March 17, 2012

Nihon Buyo

I'm so late with posting this, sorry!!! Tuesday march 6th Misuchi, her boyfriend and me went to see Nihon Buyo in Amsterdam. It was amazing ^_^

In total we saw 3 kind of dances, a modern dance called Senoo, a Kabuki-like dance called Awamochi and the main dance, Sekidera Komachi. The last dance was performed by Nishikawa Senzo (79 years old!), who has the title of Living National Treasure of Japan!

All 3 dances were beautiful, but Awamochi I liked best because it was the most traditional dance. The dance performed by Nishikawa Senzo was also beautiful, but his movements were so subtle, too subtle for me. The dancers of the first dance wore very pretty pink ro komon with purple sakura leaves.

And we were not the only ones in kimono! It was kimono-spotting at the theatre ^_~ Not many people were in kimono, but we saw at least 5, at that was much! There was a very old lady, in a greenish kimono but with an obi that looked like it had lace on it, very sweet.

Next week I've got 2 events for kimono! First is a performance Kodo, Taiko Performing Arts Ensemble in Eindhoven. Second is the Cherry Blossom Festival in Amstelveen, at the Japanese Park. Very looking forward to both events!

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