April 3, 2012

Kimono Challenge! #1 - How did you discover and get into kimono?

Some may have seen this challenge on other kimono/kitsuke blogs, and now I'm starting it too ^_^

The kimono challenge questions are:
  1. How did you discover and get into kimono?
  2. Your dearest kimono item(s).
  3. Your most used kimono item(s) (not counting jubans, datejimes etc.).
  4. Your least used kimono item(s).
  5. Your favourite coordination(s) so far.
  6. What do you like and don’t like about kimono.
  7. Kimono confessions. Did you know that…
  8. Your dream kitsuke items (or at least items you really really want but can’t get for whatever reason).
  9. Your biggest kimono fears.
  10. Your biggest kimono inspiration.
  11. Your kimono collection.
  12. The evolution of your kitsuke.
  13. Your special kimono memory.
How did I get the kimono-bug...? Well, I guess it's been slumbering since I was young, always finding kimono pretty but not that into it (yet). Until I got a book-giftcard from an aunt, of which I got a copy of Mineko Iwasaki's autobiography.

From that moment on it started to get me thinking of kimono. This resulted of getting my first kimono in 2007, the bright orange furisode, and meeting Misuchi for the first time!

And now it's 5 years, 23 kimono, 2 yukata, 4 juban, 26 obi (7 hanhaba, 8 fukuro, 11 nagoya) and some komono later....

Starter of the challenge: Kira Kira Kimono

Other bloggers doing the challenge:

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