July 21, 2007

Me in furisode

Me in what?
Furisode. That is a kimono, officially for a young, unmarried woman. Gosh, and I am both :-)

Today I went to Amsterdam, to someone I got to know a couple of weeks ago. She's got a lot of kimono, and no, a kimono is not a bathrobe, and she dressed me in my very own furisode. Exactly, this furisode is mine! A while ago I bought it on eBay in Japan, together with the obi, and a few more accessoires. The only thing I didn't have and that I did need was an underkimono, or (naga)juban , a datejime ( a sort of belt that goes over the underkimono en that smoothes out your waist) and zori, kimono-slippers. But, and my gratitude is everlasting!, the underkimono I got from my friend! Together with a green extra collar, or date-eri, and a tatoshi, that's a paper envelop to store kimono in.

It was the first time I wore my kimono, and I have to say that it's very comfy. It's real tight around your waist, but if you like that it's really nice. Kind of corset-like. But the result is good, isn't it?

So now all I have to do is practice a lot on kitsuke. What???
Kitsuke, dressing in kimono.

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Arashi said...

You look gorgeous!! It's nice to find kimono about blogs, sadly it seems that you don't update U_U. I love kimono too, i'm in IG forums as Arashi. Visit my blog please...it's in spanish thought, hehehe