October 18, 2011

Japan Tag - Düsseldorf

Last weekend my boyfriend and I had the luck to go to Düsseldorf, Germany to visit Japan Tag (Japan Day)!

We already made reservations for Hotel Nikko (very good, and in style!) which is perfectly situated in Düsseldorf's city centre. And as it turned out, we got ourselves a suite instead of a normal room without paying for the upgrade. All I did was ask if we could check-in early 'cause I wanted to change into my kimono for Japan Tag... Maybe that did the trick, don't know for sure though...

Anyway, we had a blast! Didn't take any pictures, sorry, we were too busy enjoying ourselves haha. The weather was absolutely perfect, nice and sunny, not too cold and not too warm.

Of course I stopped at the booth where women and children could try on kimono, but only to see if I could see some kitsuke-tricks... But it was very crowdy and to each woman/girl they dressed were 2 or 3 women doing the kitsuke. I do have to say that there was one Japanese lady in that booth who looked very very sophisticated in her dark kimono, obi in tsunodashi musubi, and hair in an immaculate updo. So pretty!

We also had drinks with a Japanese colleague of my boyfriend, who lives and works in Düsseldorf, and gave us tips to do in the city. We met with him and his wife, and have a lovely chat. This picture was made by him (sorry for the difficult looks, we stared straight into the sun).  And, always nice to hear.... they (and some more people) complemented me on my kimono and kitsuke!

At the end of Japan Tag we saw the most amazing fireworks ever! 20-25 minutes of the best professional fireworks, with 4 scenes and many ohhs and ahhhs.

On Sunday we wanted to visit the EKO-haus, but we were way too early! We'll go there another time...

Almost forgot... Worn kimono and obi :-)


Misuchi said...

You two look beautiful! And happy. Lucky, lucky you it's good to hear you had so much fun, Dusseldorf is a nice city to visit? Must be!

Kyuukaryuko said...

Thank you ^_^

Yes, Düsseldorf is very pretty, also when it's not Japan-related. We are definitely going back for more sightseeing, EKO-house, (kimono)shopping and enjoying the city.

Kumiko said...

You look so nice in your beautiful kimoo!
Japan Tag! I saw YouTube.Düsseldorf is really wonderful city.There are many Japanese shops,hotels,etc.. I want to live in the city:D
And I want to see cosplay people!