December 25, 2007

Peacock Houmongi

2 weeks ago finally my package with new kimono arrived, and unpacking your package is always fun :-)
Pardon the kitsuke, but here are pictures of the peacock houmongi with the peacock obi. A perfect combination!


Misuchi said...

That is a great kimono and obi set! You look wonderful and the length is good, isn't it great when you find a kimono that's just perfect?

Misuchi said...

You look great! That kimono and obi are perfect for each other. I was going to write you (but forgot) with an obi linked that was pastel coloured, but this works really well. Isn't it great when you find kimono that are of good length?

Kyuukaryuko said...

Thank you! I also really like this combination. Do you remember that I had to choose between this obi and a blue one with phoenix on it? I'm so glad that I choose this one, it's just perfect!
And about the length, these three kimono I bought are actually 5 cm too short ^_^. The perfect length for me would be 165 cm, but all three kimono are 160 cm. There is just more to choose from with 160 cm than 165 cm, and since there is no severe harm done if you don't have an ohashori... But I still managed to have a tiny one (or maybe I didn't lower my kimono to far, that's also possible haha).