February 23, 2013

New kimono cupboards!

A few weeks ago my boyfriend and I had the idea to move the desk that's on our first floor landing, to our open attic kind of space. Which meant a lot of space for my kimono, yay!

Curious about what the best Ikea cupboard would be for kimono, I asked around on facebook (thank you Lyuba for your SK-post!). A few days later we went to Ikea in search of those Malm-cupboards, or chest of drawers. Almost next to the Malm cupboards stood a Hemnes-cupboard, the one Lyuba mentioned....

My original idea was to buy 2 or 3 Malm's with 6 drawers (123 cm high). They would fit perfectly underneath our tilted roof and we could place them right next to each other, so it would look like one very big Malm.

But... my boyfriend thought they were just to modern for our house (we live in a farm). So we went to look for other cupboards and there was Hemnes! A bit higher that the 3 drawer Malm and a bit wider but perfect for kimono! There was just one thing about them... Because the top of the cupboard sticks out on both side, they can't be put next to each other without space between them. We thought deeply about it and evenually bought 2 blackbrown Hemnes cupboards!

After clearing the landing and assembling the cupboards, it looks very very neat! Because we have only 1 light on our landing, it got a little dark at the far corner of the landing and cupboards. And that's where my sweet bf got the brilliant idea to hang a string of Christmas-light in the nook of a big wooden beam of our roof. And it's perfect!

It took me a few days to get to the organizing part of my kimono, how and where do I store what? See for yourself, this is the result ^_~

All pics are taken with my phone, quality can be dodgy...

Sorry for the flurry bright spot, that's because there's a very big window just above the cupboards.
A bit tricky to see, but this is in evening with the Christmas-lights on. Sweet don't you think?

Left cupboard, bottom drawer.
I was a but stunned that all my obi could fit this drawer, since previously they were in 2 roll-containers. Together with my 3 pairs of geta and zori.
In total there are 7 hanhaba, 13 nagoya and 10 fukuro obi in this drawer.

Left cupboard, middle drawer holds 3 yukata, 4 hitoe (unlined) kimono, 4 juban and a box with little pieces of fabric of which I want to make han eri or obiage of.

Left cupboard, top drawer holds my underwear, socks and a few more non-kitsuke things :-)

Right cupboard, bottom drawer.
This drawer holds my haori, 6 iromuji (all awase, lined) and my other awase kimono.

Right cupboard, middle drawer.
This is my 'special' drawer. In here are my 2 beautiful furisode, 3 awase pre-WWII kimono (at least I think they are, since they have red lining, which mostly indicated pre-WWII) and some kimono I like very much.


Right cupboard, top drawer.
All my komono nicely separated in boxes. Finally some order for all these things!

On top of the right cupboard are all my kimono-related books/dvd's and a box of ribbons.

Now I've also got perfect spots for 2 of my dummies.

The third dummy may get a place in our living room, but I have to get her dressed for that :-)

And finally, after 1,5/2 years standing in a little corner of our living room, a nice place to hang my embroidered Japanese scene.

I am a very happy girl!


Liz Chin said...

So neat and chic! Now i want to run to IKEA for these drawers for my kimono robes and accessories.

Carter said...

Beautifully done! IKEA is so great for all of that. I ended up doing the same thing, but I got a PAX wardrobe frame with pull out drawers and the unit underneath for all of my accessories and it is all in DIRE need of an overhaul. Lol. I REALLY like how you used all the boxes for the accessories.. Brilliant!

Christina said...

Hello! I know this is an older post (and I love the Hemnes line of stuff <3), but I wanted to know if you'd be interested in exchanging blog links? My name is Christina and I run a blog called The Kimono Lady: I'm trying to add more resources for my readers. Please let me know, and thank you!