January 20, 2013

A new year, a fresh start???

 It has been a very very long time since I've worn kimono! The last time was to the Floriade with 3 other members of Kimono de Jack NL last September. That means I can honestly say last years resolution of Every month a kimono didn't last... It went well until July, August didn't happen 'cause of my summer holiday, September was KdJ and that was the last of it.
Let's hope 2013 will get better kimono-wise :-)

At least I've made a good start! Last Friday at a comicbookshop there was a booksigning by the French artist HUB. He's the artist and writer of the comic-series Okko, a ronin in a land that is a combination of ancient Japan and fantasy (because of all the demons). His drawings are very beautiful and I think very accurate (but I don't know that much about Japanese history).
So I decided to go in kimono. Unfortunately I don't have any photo's, but I wore my olivegreen houmongi with the orange/peach obi with (royal) cart on it. I chose this kimono because it's of perfect lenght and nice and warm. Of course because of the cold weather here, I wore lots of layers and luckily didn't feel cold.

So today I decided to do some more kitsuke. Not on me, but on one of my dummies. And I totally forgot how difficult it can be do put a kimono on a dummy. Putting the obi on took me 3 tries before it was on, and whèn it was on, it was way too low... Grrr... So now I will show pictures of a kimono on a dummy without an obi!

This kimono was previously owned by the lovely Lyuba of Strawberry Kimono. Together with this beautiful juban (with cure haneri fastened on it) and 4 obi they are the first kimono-purchases this year. I still have to take pictures of the obi, but once that's done I'll share them.

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Liz Chin said...

Love how the polka dot collar gives this beautiful red Japanese kimono a modern touch.