August 7, 2012

Floriade with Kimono de Jack

Last Friday (August 3rd) a little group of KdJ visited the Floriade in Holland, a world-horticultural expo that's held every 10 years.


You can find more photo's on my Flickr-page!


Misuchi said...

You ladies look so beautiful! Kind of jealous you had the change to go to this rare event, I guess it is very pretty.
You at least look great, love the yukata!

Saiya-chan said...

Lovely! it's so nice to see you 3 had such fun (*^-^*)/

Jannie van Eijk said...

Absolutely lovely. Kawaii. It sometimes amazes me that the country of my birth has more Kimono activities then a city like Ottawa, Canada, where we have a Japanese Embassy and a fair number of Japanese/Canadians.

Walter said...

Thanks for posting so many beautiful pictures on the Flickr page. And thank you all for spending an enjoyable day together :)

Kyuukaryuko said...

Thank you all for such nice comments ^_^

I had a great time, and Walter you too thanks for the company. You looked really nice in yukata!

Jannie, if you're ever in Holland again, please let me/us know and we'll try to organise something to do in kimono ^_~