July 31, 2012

Once a month a kimono - July

Finally I was able to do some kitsuke, and with a reason... Together find some fellow-Kimono de Jack NL 'members' I'm going to the Floriade. Floriade is a World Horticultural Expo, held once every 10 years. And this year it's held from April until October.

Participating countries each have their own stand, so does Japan. That's why we're going in kimono!

Of course I had to practive my kitsuke before going, and see that the outfit I wanted to wear looked good. It's the same yukata Linda has, the first kimono I have in a TL-size, and it's very comfy! Combined with a tsuke eri and a beige/purple hanhaba obi, purple obi age and purple/lightbrown obijime ^_^

And just before the end of July!


Misuchi said...

This yukata looks great on you! You look so sweet and pretty and the musubi is wonderful. I wish I could go too, so please take many pictures and enjoy it for me too ^_^

Saiya-chan said...

You look so pretty in these soft colors and flowers! Have lots of fun on the event. I wish I could also go, but I bet you will make alot of photo's.

Kyuukaryuko said...

Ahh, thank you both!

So sorry you both cannot come, maybe next time we'll see each other again.
And yes, I'll make sure to make pictures and post them. Luckily Walter's also coming, so we have our own private photographer ^_~

Walter said...

And while you're waiting for those photographs,Misuchi, please visit my blog at http://brandnewbearings.blogspot.be/2012/06/spring-2012-leiden-matsuri.html , http://brandnewbearings.blogspot.be/2012/03/spring-2012-amstelveen-hanami.html for more pictures of KDJ NL and many others ^^