February 5, 2012


Oh my, a second post this year within a week! Yes, I'll do my best to keep these blogposts coming, although 2 in a week will not be common (sorry).

When I bought my first kimono, still my favorite bright orange furisode, I also bought a roll of with 2 han-eri on it. Finally after all those years in my little tansu, last week I cut them loose. One has a little drum or a wheel on it (I can't really see) with little flowers, the other is white with some lovely weaving. To stop them from fraying, I plan to hem them (I know that I don't have to).

After they were loose, the little roll or bolt still had a lot of fabric on it. I'm thinking of making an obiage out of it. It's a lovely color blue.

Maybe someone can help me with these two pictures. They were on the bolt, but since I don't read Japanese, I have no clue to what it says. Please let me know, thank you!


Saiya-chan said...

Oh wow these haneri are great. I Remember you told me about this bolt with all those eri on it. Its great you got the time to cut them. It will make coordinating so much more fun (*^_^*)

Tobad we won't see more of those two post within à week (^_~)/

Kyuukaryuko said...

Thanks Saiya-chan! Well, the plan is to make lots of obi-age and han-eri out of small pieces of fabric from the little fabric-shop 'around the corner' of from, let's say... Ikea ;-)

And this year I'll definitely try to updat the blog more often ^_^

Saiya-chan said...

Great idea! when I'm back, I'm gonna look for checkers fabric to make a han-eri of.

I'm looking forward to your blog posts (*^-^*)/