July 26, 2011


Last friday, after a very long time from our first date to do have this evening, my boyfriend and I were invited to participate in a private tea ceremony with a couple we know. It was absolutely wonderful!

At their house, their diningroom flows into a beautiful Japanese tatami room with shoji (paper) panels, closets and room for an ikebana-piece with a scroll (can't remember the specific name for it right now). The shoji panels can be opened to look at their small but very nice Japanese garden, and they can even open the garden doors so that Japanese outside is flowing into Japanese inside. Very beautiful. And our hosts both wore kimono!

Our hostess performed the ceremony and her husband explained what she was doing. I had trouble sitting on my knees and feet for long... Next time I have to bring a little cushion to put under my feet ;-) (we were already had cushions under our knees).

We had lots of fun and talked about a lot and very different topics. It was a very nice and entertaining evening.

I wore my peacock-kimono and obi, and tried a bit of padding on my belly with an obi makura. But if it was successfull??? So if anyone has suggestions for padding, please let me know :-)


Misuchi said...

You look so great! Nice peacock theme ^_^ No suggestions, you look perfectly fine.
And what nice occasion, isn't thee ceremony fun? Thanks for showing pictures!

Kyuukaryuko said...

Thank you Misuchi! That kimono and obi are just a perfect combination, and don't change a perfect combo ^_^.
Tea ceremony is indeed fun, and so nice to watch!

Saiya-chan said...

Oh what a dream to have such a lovely house with a tatami room!
Your kimono coordination is lovely. And very well thought of! Have you thought of maybe adding a green date-eri?

As for the padding it looks very good. What did you use for padding?

I wonder if I would be able to sit like that for long, i'm kind of afraid I would faint ^^'. Guess I need some practice.

It's great you all had a great time ;3 thanks for sharing.

Kyuukaryuko said...

Actually, I do have a green date-eri, but haven't thought of that, thank you!

For padding I used an obi makura haha. I was trying to make a smoother line/transition between my bust and the obi. I did work, but I think I'll do it different next time.

As for sitting... I raised myself a few times so that my knees could get a little blood :-) or supported myself on my hands, hanging a bit forward (if you know what I mean).

Thanks for the compliment!

Saiya-chan said...

I bet it would look very fresh with a green date-eri along the collar ;3

A makura for padding? Thats a new one for me ^-^ I always have to straighten out my bust alot. And having a D cup it can be troublesome sometimes.

I only used padding on my waist ones. But I must say the total line was great. I used 3 teatowels, one on my stomage and two in my back and tied them with a himo. I wore a tanktop over the towels to fix them.

Kyuukaryuko said...

The obi makura was a quick fix I must say ^_^ but not preferable.
Wearing a tanktop over the towels is a great tip, haven't thought about that.

Didn't you use padding in Leiden? Your kimono and obi almost flow into each other, if you know what I mean. How did you do that?

Saiya-chan said...

Ah okay, if it's not preferable I'll stay with the tank top and towels :3

At Leiden I only used a sport bra and a tight stretch tanktop underneath. And I think the trick that works for me is to wear the obi a little bit higher.

Kyuukaryuko said...

Ah, well I'll try that next time, thanx!

ROTA said...

What a beautiful room, you all look very nice but who is that strange looking man (hihi)

Kyuukaryuko said...

That strange man just tagged along haha! But after seeing how comfy our male host was in kimono, he's a closer to actually trying one on. Now only to find a mens kimono in his size... :-)