February 9, 2010

Blue with fans

Blue with fansBlue with fans Last weekend I finally had some time to do kitsuke. But as it was a little cold, my dummy was dressed and not me.

This kimono was from the last eBay-spree. I don't really have a good matching set of obiage and obijime, but I guess this works, although a different colour green would be nicer.

And I really think this green obi works well with the kimono! What do you think?


Misuchi said...

I love it!
The green obi-age I really like too, maybe obijime in blue or (dark)orange?
lovely set, hope to see you in it soon ^_^

Kyuukaryuko said...

Thank you! And I think the obi can be combined with other kimono.
Hope to see you soon also! Alles goed?

ROTA said...

It's a beautiful combination and I think this green gives it a fresh look. SYS