April 5, 2009

Real Geisha Real Women

As of yesterday I've got the dvd "Real Geisha Real Women", directed by Peter MacIntosh.

It's a very good documentary that gives us a glimpse of the life of geiko and maiko these days. You get to see interviews with different maiko and geiko, with friends and family.

I'm very happy that I bought it, and because I was one of the first 500 people that ordered it, it's signed by Miehina, John Wells (director of photography) and Peter MacIntosh, and there were 2 name-stickers of Miehina with it ^_^

© Photo: Peter MacIntosh

1 comment:

Misuchi said...

Aw so cute.
So you where one of the first. Is it nice? Must be. Well, I'll see it next week I guess, thank you so much!