March 10, 2009


Since saterday afternoon our dog Pollie has got a new playmate: Wolfje (or in English Wolfy). Just like Pollie she's a typical farmdog you see on farms in the south of our country. She's very playful, and has only 1 thing on her mind... How to get out of my dogpenn!

But it's very lovely to see how both Pollie and Wolfje are getting along after a few days, and how they get more and more playful with each other.


ROTA said...

We'll she's very cute. I hope she will be a very happy dog with you and that Pollie loves her too but i think that won't be a problem.
have a nice weekend.

Kyuukaryuko said...

Pollie and Wolfje are getting along perfectly. They have lots of fun when they're playing, although it might look like it's going rough, and Wolfje if following Pollie almost everywhere. And of course she has broken out of her dogpenn at least 6 times!

Misuchi said...

Cute cute cute. What a cute doggy! We've got to love all these baby animals, but Wolfje looks really funny.
Have fun with your baby!