August 6, 2008

Red with golden-ish flowers

This red tsukesage, also awase or lined, with golden-ish flowers I also got from Misuchi. The color is such a beautiful red, almost bloedrood as we say in Dutch, which translates as as red as blood. Personally that's one of my favorite colors.

And... it's the first kimono that combines with my kikko hanhaba obi! I've had that obi for I think almost a year now? No, since just before Christmas last year. But I haven't been able to wear it with a kimono because it didn't match any. I almost thought about trading it... luckily I didn't!

I tied the clamshell musubi, but unfortunately the back of my kimono is a bit wrinkled. But still, I like this kimono also very much.

Do you think this hanhaba obi is a good combination?


Misuchi said...

Yes I like this obi.
The kimono colour is great on you!
I think, maybe I would like this kimono with a more warm gold/creme obi...
Though the one you use now is very nice and good looking.

Kyuukaryuko said...

The other side of this hanhaba had a lightbrown/gold color, and I can also try it with the black and white obi you gave me.