August 28, 2008

Red tsukesage combo 2 & 3

This weekend I tried my red tsukesage with the black & white obi Misuchi gave me. It could work, but I think the kikko hanhaba works better. And what works even better than the kikko hanhaba, is the reverse side of that same hanhaba! That has a light brown color. not the same as the flowers, but a bit darker. After I had Red (that's an easy nickname!) on, I dressed my dummy in it with the reverse side of the hanhaba, and that is a perfect combination.

One thing I also noticed is that the tsukesage is a bit too small width-wise. I don't know if you can see, but the back seam is too far to the left. I did this because otherwise the frontpanel ends at the middle, and I find it prettier when it's more to the right.

All I need now is a trick to keep the frontpanel more to the right when you have no ohashori. I have to keep pulling it to the right. But I really do love the kimono!


Misuchi said...

Red really looks good on you! Very smart. I agree; the golden brownish back-side looks very good!

It is a common problem, sadly with these small kimono. But the back seem is allowed to shift. As long as the upper back seem is strait with your spine, the lower seem can go where it needs to go. Only when a kimono is made to measure; the seems have to line up.

Take her with you when we will meet and I will see if I can teach you a trick... ^_^

Kyuukaryuko said...

Thank you!
When we'll meet I will take her with me ;-)