June 13, 2008

Purple bamboo komom

This is the other kimono that was delivered yesterday, or actually the day before yesterday. It's a synthetic bamboo hitoe ur unlined komon, and this one also feels very comfy.

It matched it with a beautiful silver, purple and pink fukuro obi. I don't know how the pattern is called, but colorwise it's a perfect match. Unfortunately the obi too formal for the komon, but I simply couldn't resist buying it. It's too pretty a combination.

And for this komon I also found a second obi, and this one is a bit more appropriate, since it's a nagoya obi. If it was a hitoe nagoya obi, it would be completely perfect. This one has a peachy color with a cart on the musubi. I'll post a close up of these two obi later, so you can see them better.

For now if I'm buying kimono, I rather look if the color combination is good, than look if it has to have a hitoe obi. But if I choose my obi on color, than I have to practice more on my kitsuke and make that perfect instead of having the perfect obi ^_^


Misuchi said...

Gorgeous! I love your new kimono it's perfect, the light obi I like best (maybe one of your light hanhaba will look good too?!) the orange is lovely too and would maybe look nice with the brown kimono too? great buys! Have fun with them ^_^

Kyuukaryuko said...

Thank you! I really like them both, but the purple with the light obi may be the combination I like best.
I'll see you soon ^_^

ROTA said...

Both kimono look very pretty as do the obi's.I love the purple hitoe with orange obi because it's a rare combination.
The black and brown one would colourwise be a kimono for the fall or i am wrong?
Have fun with the new ones.

Kyuukaryuko said...

The orange obi brings the purple more to life than the other obi. Funny to see that with different obi 1 kimono can have 2 looks.
You are right about the black and brown kimono, it does look like a fall or winter kimono.
Thank you!