June 12, 2008

Black & Brown

Finally my 2 new kimono and 4 obi arrived yesterday!
Time to do some kitsuke again. On the IG-forums I read that someone uses a kohrinbelt also on their nayajuban, to keep the collar back. I tried ties and I must say that it works really good! So now I use 2 kohrinbelts in my kitsuke, and less koshihimo.

This komon is a unlined or hitoe synthetic komon, and it feels really nice. And I have a proper ohashori! Thanks to Misuchi's tip on how to give your kimono the right lenght, this is also good in my kitsuke. I can really feel the difference.

The first obi gives the kimono a really chic look. The obi itself very light/thin, not so stiff as some obi can be.

The hanhaba obi gives the kimono a more casual appearance. And hanhaba can be tied in so many fun ways, so I tried this one. Do'n know what the name is of this musubi, but it's very simple and looks nice!


Misuchi said...

That's great! And you look wonderful! What a nice kimono it looks so good on you. I like both combinations, probably the seccond is most apropriate. Is the kimono woven or painted? Just curious...
Now I want to see the others! ^_~

Kyuukaryuko said...

The kimono is painted. I'll bring them along in a couple of weeks :-)