January 27, 2008

iro-tomesode with peacock obi

Yesterday I changed the komon my dummy wore the last 2 or 3 weeks into my blue iro-tomesode because I wanted to know how it would look if I combined it with my orange peacock nagoya obi. Oh, and I had my first try at padding! Because these dummies have a very small waist, I had to use 2(!) towels to pad out the waist.

Do you think this is a good combination (colorwise, themewise, seasonwise) or do you think this combination is better?

I also wanted to dress my second dummy, but I realized that I only have 1 accessoires-set for kitsuke! So now I have to try and look for a juban (but first measure the sleeve length), obiage/obijime-set and an accessoires-set that I can order at 1 seller, to save money and shipping costs.


Misuchi said...

Hi! I saw my comment did turn up, strange I thought it never works... I like both obi. The lighter obi gives a very chique and subdued look and the peacock obi gives a wonderful festive look... so I guess... use both ^_^

Kyuukaryuko said...

Hi! Which comment do you mean?
Iwant to wear this iro-tomesode to the theatre next month, and I think I will go for this obi; it's a bit easier to tie :-)