May 8, 2012

Happy International Kimono Day!

Today is International Kimono Day, so I've decided to do some kitsuke and wear the yukata I bought from Bangasa Kimono! The obi musubi is the Multi-leaf Carolien and I tried 2 weeks ago


Cotton is so different from silk, which flows and folds so easily. But then again, if something goes wrong and you get a (little) stain on the yukata, you can just throw it in the washer ^_^

And since I was in yukata anyway, I also put my 'new' furisode on one of my dummies. This beautiful furisode with shibori, embroidery, lovely stylized cranes woven into the fabric and an extra soft pink haneri sewn in, was also previously owned by the lovely Bangasa Kimono.


Ever since I saw a white/creamy furisode with red shibori when Misuchi, Rota and I visited an exposition at the Kunsthal in Rotterdam, I've wanted one. And now I have!!!

Finding a right obi (in my current collection) was a bit difficult, but this blue nagoya obi is a good match. Nice to know, Misuchi has a twin of this obi, but in black. We still have to wear them together someday...


Walter said...

Both combinations look great! Especially the blue on the second obi is stunning 8 ( who says you can't combine two primary colours ^^ )

Kyuukaryuko said...

Thank you Walter! I was glad that the outfit on the dummy works good, was afraid I didn't have an obi for this furisode ;-)

Misuchi said...

I love both! That yukata is so nice, the bow perfect!
Actually, I think you have many obi for the furisode, anything goes, right?
yes, we have to go twin soon ^_^

Kyuukaryuko said...

Yes we do have to go twin soon ^_^

Maybe I just have to try different obi on the furisode and take pictures. When I hold some of my obi in front of the furisode, it's difficult to see.

I've got a few obi with purple, but there is no purple in the furisode itself. Oh well, trial and error than I guess!