August 12, 2009


Today we had to put our eldest dog Pollie to sleep.

12,5 years old, she had a very happy doglife, having 10 acres to hunt on rabbits, hares and other small animals.
Mother of Fox and grandmother of Dizzy.

She will be missed.


Misuchi said...

Oh! I am so so sorry!
Was she very ill?
Or "just" an old doggy?
It's good she had such a great live with such lovely humans ^_^
All the best and a big hug!

Kyuukaryuko said...

Thank you for your hug.

When she was 8 we had her sterilised, and probably because she wasn't the youngest when we did that, she got a tumor around her left shoulder.
She didn't have pain in that tumor, but last sunday we think she had a tia, and since then it went downhill real fast. This was best for her.

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