June 3, 2009


Finally the biyosugata arrived a week ago! Unfortunately customs had gotten a hold of it, but most important is that it's here!

After a week of having no time to try it on, tonight I had some time. I had 2 manuals to make the bow, the one that came with the biyosugata and the one in The Book of Kimono. I have to say that the manual that came with it is a bit easier than that of The Book, but putting it on is easier with The Book and some help from the IG-forums ^_^

The hardest bit is to put it on. But as these pictures show, I got it on! My kitsuke is messed up, but hey, at least I've nailed it haha.


xiner said...

Looks very good for a first attempt! Putting the obi on with biyosugata is tricky at first but it will get easier.

Customs fees are really annoying. Here in Finland you have to pay 22 % tax for everything including shipping, even more if the total value is over 150 euro. That's why I never use EMS -_-

Kyuukaryuko said...

Thank you Xiner! Isn't it that practice makes perfect?

But that must hurt in your wallet! Normally I never use EMS too, but I thought that I could get it in time for the theatre, that's why I did use it. Oh well, maybe more luck next time ^_~