October 28, 2008

My first... yukata

Yep, together with the shibori set my first yukata arrived. I hope I will be wearing this a lot at home, since it can be very warm inside our house. We do have central heating, but we don't really use it. Instead we have 2 fireplaces/stoves, which gives a much nicer warmth than central heating. But because of the stoves it tends to get hotter than in an average house, a bit like summer ^_^
So I'm going to try and wear this one more often than I do with kimono.

Nice thing about the yukata is that I'm a pisces... And there are also little ones on the hanhaba obi.


Misuchi said...

Great! Finally a yukata! Arn/t they really nice to wear and dress up in? So easy and fun ^_^
It looks sweet on you!

Kyuukaryuko said...

Thank you! You're right on how easy they are. Next fun part is to learn all sorts of yukata musubi ^_^