July 15, 2008

Homemade suso

Last weekend I made my first kitsuke-item myself! My mom has 2 sewingmachines, an old one she has since forever, and a new one she recently bought because it had features her one one doesn't. So now I'm eyeing on her old sewingmachine ^_~

But because I have no sewing skills I decided to do a test run at my mom's and make a suso. My juban is a bit short so I thought about making a suso that I can wear underneath my juban!

And there she is, my very own handmade suso! Have to say that it was a piece of cake, just a big square piece of poly. The fabric was 1.40m, therefor I didn't need 2 pieces of 70 cm. And the sewing was aslo very easy, mostly making seams...

In the second and third picture you can see the trick I use to create a perfect collar. I use a kohrinbelt to close my juban, and then a velcro datejime to fasten and thighten everything, that I pull through the loop just below the jubancollar. It's just perfect!

With kimono on it looks like pictures 4 to 6. As you can see (I saw it when I was editing the pictures) I need to wear the suso a bit higher. You can see a glimpse of it just underneath the hem of the kimono. But that's for next time!

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