April 25, 2008

Pretty peacock

Now some proper kitsuke for my peacock houmongi on one of my dummies.
I really like the pattern of the peacock on this kimono. The close-up of the front shows the peacock itself, of which the feathers go on onto the back of the kimono. On the left sleeve and shoulder there are also some feathers, really pretty.

And for this kimono I got the perfect nagoya obi, that also goes well with my blue iro-tomesode. I could say that this is one of my favorite obi, but I only have 4 (5 actually, but 1 I haven't tried on yet).


ROTA said...

It's a very beautifull kimono, i've seen pictures before and i though it was beige but now i see that it is grey. But still very nice.

Kyuukaryuko said...

Well, it's actually a bit grey/blue-ish, very hard to get on picture.

shino said...

Wow Beautiful, beautiful combination.I have never seen such a nice designed homongi and obi in Japan.

Kyuukaryuko said...

Thank you Shiro! This is actually one of my favorite kimono, but that is not so difficult, since I have only 7 now ^_^