March 18, 2008

Kitsuke practice

Yesterday I had a day off, so I did a little kitsuke practice.

First I tried blue iro-tomesode with peacock feather-obi, because that's what I'm going to wear to the theatre next week. I used 2 towels for padding and I watched the kitsuke-dvd by Ichiroya (pressing play, pause, go to mirror, go back to tv, press play again, and so on...), which helped a lot.

Then I tried the black-pink komon with my new juban. It's a perfect match sleevewise, I'm so happy that I got it. And I also got my pink obijime and obiage.

Next time I'll use a trick Misuchi mailed me for a perfect collar, hopefully it will go well.


Misuchi said...

You look great! I absolutly love the pink set, its gorgeous, the pink accessories set makes even more lovely.
Your collars will be just fine, I am sure.
And if your collar doesnt have the long strip in the back where you can pull the shases trough, have a look at Fraises website, she explains how to make one...

Arashi said...

I love the pink-black ensemble! they are one of my favourite colour combos! i think that you did a great job with your kitsuke. I had problems with my collar also, but as misuchi says i sewed a long trip in the back of my juban collar and adjust it with himos, and now it always keep back really good.see you!