February 8, 2008

New musubi: Tsunodashi

But with a hanhaba obi instead of a 'normal' obi.

It took a couple of times to get the length of the tesaki, or the beginning of the obi, right. At least 3 times I had the obi wrapped around the dummy's body and make the actual knot, and when I wanted to make the tsunedashi I came to the conclusion that the end of my obi, or the tare, was to short to finish the tsunedashi.
But, practice makes perfect, or almost, so after a few times I got the right length on both the tesaki and tare so I could finish this musubi.

The result is a very cute tsunedashi musubi :-)

1 comment:

Arashi said...

owww, that's cute!!>_< i love tsunodashi musubi tied with nagoya obi, but with hanhaba looks really cute and easier to tie for daily wear! cogratulations! btw i added a link to your blog in mine, if you don't mind. Greetings from Mallorca (Spain)!!