December 27, 2007

Wool wintery komon

The last kimono from the package is this wool kimono, which was one of the wool-sale on Ryu's sale. This hanhaba obi is the first hanhaba I've bought. I also got another one with a kikko-pattern, but it didn't match as good as this one.

Because it's my first hanhaba obi, it was also the first time I tied a clamshell musubi, which isn't difficult. But I must confess that I tied it the easy way, on my belly and then turned it around, hence a not so good kitsuke.

One thing I really need to learn is to tie my musubi on my back :)

December 25, 2007

Black-pink komon

This is the second kimono from the package I got a couple of days ago.
It's a black and pink komon, a black base with tiny pink flowers. The obi I bought to go with this komon is a black nagoya obi with one big rose and two smaller roses for the front of the obi. It turned out to be a perfect combination!

The only thing I figured out is that I have to buy a pink obijime/obiage set (but I already knew that) and a juban with longer sleeves.

Peacock Houmongi

2 weeks ago finally my package with new kimono arrived, and unpacking your package is always fun :-)
Pardon the kitsuke, but here are pictures of the peacock houmongi with the peacock obi. A perfect combination!

December 11, 2007

New resolutions

As it's almost the holidays, let make a newyear's resolution.
I've already translated posts I made on another blog and posted these on this blog, so now my new resolution will be....
To make a nice layout for this blog!